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Brief introduction:

The design concept of the low-shear optical screw is based on the fast heat accumulation and low melt flow index of optical resin. The requirements on injection pressure and the rate of injection are relatively high during injection molding. For many years, Huaye has been improving the material selection and structural design to achieve the best quality, and different screw structure solutions are invented in response to different product requirements, a special low-shear, high-pressure geometric structure has been developed.

Basic parameters:

Scope of application:

PC、PMMA-based Lenses and Optical Lenses

Mobile Phone Back Cover, Display Panel

Light Guide Strip (Tail Light), LED Light

Light Guide Plate (Display Panel)


Composition and process:

Low shear – high pressure structure, consistent melting and homogenizing, and excellent light transmission performance.

Excellent quality and product appearance, high pressure resistance and high-speed resistance, high product repeatability.

Low back-pressure molding, easy to switch resin, and excellent exhaust.