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Brief introduction:

The high-efficient color mixing special screw is designed to feature the simplicity, economical efficiency and compatibility of a variety of plastics of common three sectional screw. According to the solid-liquid separation of the melt tank in the compression zone, a melt pressure difference is formed to make the screw with optimal feeding, melting and homogenization, which also solves the difficulty in refilling and washing of the resin under multiple working conditions, this is company's breakthrough achievements after many years of research and development.

Basic parameters:

Scope of application:

Civil industry products based on PP, ABS, HDPE

Auto parts industry (bumper, center console)

Home appliance industry, logistics, packaging field


Composition and process:

Solid and liquid separation in the melt tank of the compression zone; the high- and low-pressure areas, which effectively avoids the pressure accumulation of the conventional structure and causes the shear transition to be linear, playing a role in preventing temperature rise.

Color additives and resin fillers are evenly dispersed and mixed in the product.

Excellent product precision and surface treatment increases the speed of refilling and washing, and reduces the temperature rise of shear-sensitive plastics.