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Brief introduction:

PTA Bimetallic screw

Basic parameters:

38CrMoALA,Gas nitriding and bimetallic welding

38CrMoALA,Ion nitriding, bimetallic welding and Chrome-plating

42CrMo,Ion nitriding, bimetallic welding and Chrome-plating

38CrMoAl nitrogen hardness:≥HV900                

Thickness of Chrome layer:0.01-0.03mm

Thickness of bimetallic layer:1.5-2.0mm

Hardness of bimetallic layer: HRC53-57(Ni-based), 



Scope of application:

Applicable resin: It is suitable for corrosion formula, regrinding resin, calcium powder filling, additive fireproof materials, and additive plastic materials with less than 15% glass fiber.

Composition and process: